Services We Offer

As a full service management based firm we are able to handle a small bathroom renovation up to your custom dream home. Let us help you with all or just one of the following;

  • Consulting services

  • Design and planning services

  • Residential renovations

  • Custom home building

  • Light commercial improvements

"Building and design are my passions."

About Paul

    I remeber my first build like it was yesterday. The project was a traditional two story tree house with a roof top balcony, a standard tree house trap door for entry that was impenetrable to adults, and large dumbwaiter to hoist up PB&J's. The show piece of the build was the sieve catapult on the roof top balcony which was always ready to ward off bratty girls. Working with no budget and a very inexperienced crew of 9 year olds, I managed to complete the job. The reward I felt was a rush that I've been chasing ever since.



  25 years later, my passion for building has not changed. Every project we take on includes our goal of delivering a home that provides for improved health, enhanced durability, increased efficiency and greater comfort than any home you’ve lived in before. 


 Tel 587-990-5772 


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